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4 Reasons Hospitals Choose EM


4 Reasons Hospitals Choose EM
Protecting the Environment at a Hospital |Chainat Province, Thailand
In Thailand, more than 30 hospitals are using EM Technology and Watsing Hospital is one of them. The Watsing Hospital is located in Chainat Province, which is in central Thailand, north of Bangkok. They are applying EM Technology for the following four reasons. ①To cut the hospital costs. ②To reduce the usage of chemicals. ③To suppress unpleasant odor. ④To protect the environment. They make Activated EM・1 (AEM) with 1ℓ EM・1, 1ℓ Molasses, 20ℓ Water and 2kg Kaffir lime, then let it ferment for 7 days. Adding Kaffir lime makes AEM smell so good. Normally, 1000ℓ of water are used to dilute 1ℓ AEM.
EM soap is used to clean the toilets and AEM containing lemongrass is used to spray the toilets and other rooms to suppress unpleasant odor. Because of the reduction in smell, the hospital sees reduction in mosquitos and other insects. They also use AEM to mop the entire hospital floors (Figure 1). For the laundry, 200㎖. AEM and 200㎖ of EM soap are used for 15-20kg of clothes.
To clean the ambulance, a ratio of AEM 10㎖: EM Soap 10㎖: Water 10ℓ are used. To clean the dishes, a ratio of AEM 100㎖: EM Soap 100㎖: Water 1000ℓ are used. EM Soap is made with Kaffir lime.
EM Technology is also applied to sewage treatment. Drain water from the hospital, dining hall and linen room are drained to the purification pond (waste water pond). Every week, 50ℓ of AEM is poured into the pond. Because they are using AEM to clean the hospital, the drain water doesn’t contain a lot of chemicals. Therefore the sewage treatment process is smooth and doesn’t cost a lot.
Kitchen waste is mixed with EM Bokashi to make compost. Using this compost, soil is prepared for vegetable garden. Some of the vegetables grown here are used in the hospital dining room. 
Table 1 shows that the Year 2003 was the first year the Watsing Hospital started using EM Technology. You can see the big reduction in costs. The reason that the costs increased gradually from 2003 is that the number of patients increased. Also, they are making more AEM and giving it to the community.

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